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Freeing people to enjoy God, hear his truth, form authentic relationships, and face the world with the renewed dignity that comes from Christ.


Christ Central Church seeks to be an eclectic community that engages in an authentic worship of God, communicates a clear message of grace, works for the redemption of all creation through the gospel of Jesus Christ, and furthers Christ’s kingdom by creating kindred communities in the Charlotte area and throughout the world.


We seek to influence the wider culture by being an economically, socially, and ethnically diverse congregation. We encourage people to value their God-given uniqueness while appreciating other cultures and ministering across social boundaries.


We are Christ-centered and Christ-focused in our worship. We seek to break down individual and social barriers to God and between each other. We intend to be shaped by God through a Biblical worship while expressing a unifying voice and sound born out of the diverse lives of our community. We will draw on ancient and historical expressions of faith and worship, translating them as relevant and applicable to our ears and hearts.


Christ Central Church will communicate the gospel of grace through the preaching and teaching of God’s Word into the broken lives and world of the people in our community. This communication will be marked by vulnerability and truth, honesty and love, and above all Christ-centeredness.


We seek to equip and encourage people to share the gospel and make disciples in their spheres of influence: family, neighborhood, and vocation. We will be advocates of human restoration by embodying God’s ministry of bringing dignity to race, gender, and culture. We will challenge each other to act with justice, integrity, and mercy in our various vocations. We will work to train and mentor men and women for ministry that addresses the social and economic needs of the community. We will call people to love their neighbors through civic responsibility.


Christ Central Church seeks to expand the kingdom of God by participating in the larger mission of our denomination to plant churches. We will raise-up and mentor men and women for leadership in church plants, but our primary focus will be the training of church planters through apprenticeships.